Social Responsibility


Mithra commits to supporting the Human Rights of Children

Partnership with Iles de Paix to improve children access to secondary education

  • The NGO Iles de Paix is engaged in providing improved and sustainable living conditions to people across all continents. Mithra entered into a 3 year partnership for the construction of a new secondary school in Louargou, Burkina Faso.
  • To address the critical need for secondary education and especially young female population, local community were consulted and brought onboard this educational process to have the school initiative perceived as a true asset by the community.
  • Situated in Louargou, the premises were inaugurated in october 2014. While addressing close to 12% of the secondary schooling infrastructure needs in the area, this new school reduced the walking distance to 2/3 km instead of 10 km for 240 students.

Mithra 4 Kids: raising Mithra team awareness to Children’s Rights and Business Principles

  • Mithra collaborated with local children care centers to provide additional recreational activities to over 100 children and 25 staff members for both Belgium main language communities in 2014.


Mithra strives to improve women’s overall approach to Woman Health through educational and access initiatives

Collaboration with governmental bodies to improve access

  • Unintended pregnancies often represent a strong medical, social and psychological burden for the patient and the community. Having access to affordable contraceptive solutions is an important issue to address to lower unintended pregnancies rate. Mithra collaborated successfully in the past with the governmental authorities to adress the affordability of contraception. Thanks to this collaboration, Mithra was able to improve directly and indirectly the access for the female and young female community to a broad range of contraceptive solutions.

Questions de Femmes: advocating effective and comprehensive sex education

  • To improve the understanding of contraceptive methods among young female population in order to promote responsible and safe sexuality among youth, Mithra developed highly qualitative educational footage in collaboration with a Belgium university hospital.
  • This footage has been promoted among southern and northern population across 100 family planning centers in 2014 and 2015 . Mithra seeks to take this initiative closer to General Practitioners in 2016.


Mithra encourages and supports the promotion of women in sports at all levels and disciplines: we aim to promote gender equality in sport and provide women with more confidence to make an increased claim on public spaces

Standard Fémina – Liège ladies football team

  • For Liège city flagship football team, Standard Fémina, Mithra’s sponsorship is critical as female sports to the contrary of their men’s counterpart, often lack the necessary commercial support usually needed at high level.
  • 18 times Belgium Champion and unbeaten since 2011, winner of the BeNeleague championship in 2015, Standard Fémina will also compete for the season 2015/2016 the prestigious Ladies European Champion’s League.

Mithra Castors de Braine – Braine-l’Alleud basketball team

  • Thanks to our partnership with the Braine’s basketball team, Mithra is able to expand its support to a different female sport and a new region of the country.
  • National Champion in 2014, Mithra Castors de Braine is also 2014 Euroleague Vice-champion.


Mithra supports cultural initiatives that improve regional attractiveness and contribute to the socio-economic fabric development of the community

Liège Art et Prestige non-profit organization administrator

  • Mithra’s CEO is administrator of Liège Art et Prestige ASBL, an non-profit organization that supports Liège cultural heritage promotion for greater community access.

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège

  • Mithra collaborates with the BAL (Liège Fine Arts Gallery) to renovate its works. Thanks to the exhibition of BAL works in its premises, Mithra also contributes to raise the BAL’s awareness among staff and the numerous daily visitors.

Mithra Jazz Festival: bringing the “Liège Jazz Festival” to a European level

  • Mithra entered into a 3 year partnership with the Liège Jazz Festival, now Mithra Jazz Festival.
  • 25 years of age the festival was born with the ambition to render jazz accessible to a large public.
  • Passionate about showcasing their city, the festival founders and Mithra shared the same vision in terms of improving the «access» of jazz to a larger audience.
  • Mithra contributed to raise the programme level quality of the festival and improve its visibility.
  • Thanks to Mithra’s support, the event’s broad and high quality programme, the festival was put on the European jazz festival radar, contributing to its sustainability.
  • Mithra earned the CAIUS National cultural Awards for best cultural patronage in 2014.